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We've made it to Spring, and it is time to get busy! Demeter has been busy meeting with grain farmers in Montana, participating in Climate Day at Expo West, and celebrating some big time public recognition. As we all thaw out and begin to plan for the coming months of warmth, we know everyone is busy making plans for their summer gardens. Learn about Demeter-certified seed growers this month, Sero Seed Company, Turtle Tree Seed Cooperative and Meadowlark Hearth, using the Biodynamic calendar and peruse what the media has to say about Demeter's certification and Biodynamic management practices. We're getting the word out there about regenerative agriculture practices!


Meadowlark Hearth Seed Stable

The Biodynamic seed growing community is a small vigorous group of dedicated believers in purity, taste, storage, and variety. Open pollinated seeds are plant varieties that have stable traits from one generation to the next. Demeter currently has three certified open pollinated seed growers, Sero Seed Company, Turtle Tree Cooperative and Meadowlark Hearth. Each operation strives to find varieties that satisfy home gardeners and market gardens.


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Many accept and abide by the Farmers Almanac as it tracks the lunar cycle through out the year but Biodynamics goes a step further and looks at all of the influences in the sky through out the year: constellations, planets, moons, eclipses, comets and more.


Double Storm Rainbow


Biodynamic Farming

Don't know where to begin? Here's a great opportunity to get hands on and exposed to Biodynamic agriculture experts through a course intensive! Taught by international biodynamic agriculture expert Dr. Thimmaiah, PhD, you will learn efficient methods for carbon sequestration, address climate change, gain farming skills, and explore the tenets of Biodynamic agriculture practices through holistic and special aged preparations, the lunar cycles and what it means to manage a farm as a whole organism. Lectures with Dr. Appachanda Thimmaiah, PhD, Jim Fullmer, Dr. Tom Newmark, Robert Karp, Peter Proctor, Mr. Ivo Bertaina, Italy, Steffano Belloti, Abraham Jacob, & Rachel Pomeroy.



Consumer Reports:"Demeter Biodynamic seal receives
highest rating of 'Highly Meaningful'"

The standards are comprehensive and take into account various aspects of sustainable agriculture, including soil fertility, animal welfare, reliance on natural methods of pest management rather than chemical pesticides, and biodiversity preservation.


Demeter Biodynamic 'Highly Meaningful' seal

Shape Magazine:"What are Biodynamic Foods and Why Should You Be Eating Them" - Laura Mazzo

Long story short:
Biodynamic is the new organic and you need to get behind it, like yesterday.


Vegetable Crate

Clean Eating Magazine:"Is Biodynamic the New Organic"

Clean eaters, rejoice. There's another food label popping up that can help you go a step further in your journey to better health: biodynamic. Though still an emerging trend (as organic was once), biodynamic is making its way to grocery shelves where it's reshaping the food conversation from the ground up.


Biodynamic Vineyard

Well + Good:"Biodynamic Food is Seriously Trending"

Thrive Market co-CEO Gunnar Lovelace is one retailer who is 100 percent on board, saying he is prioritizing adding more biodynamic food options to their customers... commenting that biodynamic really is better for you-and has better flavor, too. "Not all produce is created equal," Lovelace says. "Soil that's more nutrient-dense produces food that's more nutrient-dense, and that's also why it tastes better-you're tasting those nutrients."


Biodynamic Food in the Marketplace

Cooking Light:"What are Biodynamic Foods"

Organic growing is great for the consumer, but not always best for the planet. Biodynamic farming looks after the planet and the people.


Biodynamic Leeks
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