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Hawthorne Farms

Valentine's Day Greetings 2017

Dear Demeter Members,

Our community is blessed to have so many high energy products, operations and personalities. This February we are going to feature our dairy farmers, their products and how true Biodynamic® health of the cow provides high energy and high quality milk. Hawthorne Valley Farm has recently launched a yogurt line and buttermilk into the national marketplace through United Natural Foods, Inc., Paradise Springs Farm has just launched their new website to enable online purchases and Lifeline Farm is now available through Quality Foods Distributing. It's an exciting time for these farms and Seven Stars as well, as all four have been recognized by The Cornucopia Institute in their forthcoming updated Dairy Report as stellar operations, receiving the highest scores in the country for high quality, pasture based and true organic practices. And be sure to read Executive Director, Jim Fullmer's article on the Demeter Standard for cows and the keeping of their horns.
And Happy Valentine's Day, or better put, We Love Moo.

PROFILES IN FARMING: Biodynamic Dairies

Dairy farming isn't for the faint of heart.

No seriously. It might be the toughest profession in the world, twice a day every day—cows do not take vacations. A biodynamic dairy farmer raises the bar even higher, part lunatic-workaholic and part cow-lover-advocate, the accomplishment of creating a closed system, growing one's own feed and managing a herd holistically is an incredibly hard job. It's no wonder why there are only four Demeter-certified dairy farms in the United States.


Hawthorne Farms


Hawthorne Valley Farm has recently launched their Buttermilk and Yogurt line through United Natural Foods, Inc, and now available nationally. Currently, HVF makes four flavors of yogurt: Plain, Maple Vanilla, Strawberry, and Lemon a Buttermilk. They only use milk from their own herd of 60 dairy cows here at the farm, ensuring the milk to be of the freshest and highest quality. All of their products are 100% certified organic and biodynamic.


Hawthorne Valley Yogurt and Buttermilk

FOR FARMERS: Musings on Biodynamic® cows

By Jim Fullmer, Co-Director

Have you ever wondered why cows have horns...? It's a most important question. What happens in the places where the hooves and the horns are growing? A locality is created where the incoming stream of forces is particularly strong. Rudolf Steiner - Agriculture course - lecture 4


Cow with Horns

RECENT PRESS RELEASES : The Cornucopia Institute Recognizes All Biodynamic Dairies in 2017 Dairy Report

To combat lax oversight by the USDA, Cornucopia started independently rating dairy brands. Now, many years later, the organic dairy report is being updated to reflect emerging trends and issues in the market. Some of the topics covered in detail include the regulatory history and challenges, the importance of grass-based dairy, and how to differentiate between the big-industry cohorts and the brands with true authenticity.


Cornucopia Institute

We Love Moo - Happy Valentine's Day from Demeter USA


Thanks very much for all you do and for joining with Demeter to help heal our planet (and its people) through agriculture.

The Demeter Board and Staff

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