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“Healing the planet through agriculture”

Biodynamic® Product Spotlight

Biodynamic® Malibu Compost

Biodynamic® Malibu Compost now available online from Williams-Sonoma & select Pacific-coast retailers!

It’s that time of year, when every farmer and home gardener’s thoughts turn to soil.  After all, healthy soil means healthy plants, and healthy plants result in great tasting food that is good for you too!  Any Biodynamic farmer will tell you that the key to healthy soil and healthy plants is good fertility, which is why cows play such an integral on Biodynamic farms. 

But what’s a home gardener to do?  We’d like to introduce you to our friends at Malibu Compost and their complete line of Demeter certified Biodynamic products.  Malibu Compost knows that the best compost is composed of cow manure, which is the most balanced and living soil amendment a gardener can use.  Malibu products help repair your soil’s ecosystem, retain and save water, protect against erosion, and promote healthy root growth.  The compost can be used to plant fruit trees, vegetables, ornamentals, grasses, roses, trees and lawns. 

Malibu Compost products include: Bu’s Blend Biodynamic® Compost, Bu’s Brew Biodynamic® Compost Tea, the newly released Baby Bu’s Biodynamic® Blend Potting Soil, and the soon-to-be-released Bu’s Best Biodynamic® Compost Tomato Tea and Bu’s Buds Biodynamic® Compost Rose Tea. 

Malibu Compost is proud to be introducing Biodynamic agriculture to a new audience while providing customers with the highest quality compost products available outside their own backyards.  Customers who purchase Malibu Compost are supporting family farms that strive to nurture their animals and land amidst an environment of increasingly massive factory farms.  Malibu Compost joins its customers in their concern about the environment through the advocacy and use of Biodynamic principles and practices. They strive to be ecologically and socially responsible in everything they do because they believe healing this world means fixing every part of it.

In addition to being available at Williams Sonoma, Malibu products are available at Amazon.

For more information,,, or drop us a line at 1.800.BU.COMPOST.

Biodynamic® Malibu Compost

Biodynamic Malibu Compost

“Not only are our (vegetables) deliciously huge, but our garden seems  healthier, with less pests and  diseases  than ever.  I can only  conclude  that Bu's Blend has something to do with that.  We are so very happy!” 
 Cassie Martinez, Program Director, Garden School Foundation, Los Angeles


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