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“Healing people and the planet through agriculture”

Hawthorne Valley Farm • Ghent, New York

Biodynamic Farming

...started in Europe in the late 1920's following Rudolf Steiner's Agriculture Course
Hawthorne Valley Farm • Ghent, New York
Biodynamic farming requires a Goethean observation of nature and its application to a farming system

Biodynamic Farming

...requires a Goethean observation of nature and its application to a farming system
Gaia Bees • California
Johan Vineyards • Rickreall, OR

Biodynamic Farming

...views nature as an interconnected whole, a totality, endowed with archetypal rhythm
Johan Vineyards • Rickreall, OR
Biodynamic farming requires the entire farm, versus a pre-defined area within a farm, be certified.

Biodynamic Farming

...requires the entire farm, versus a pre-defined area within a farm, be certified.
Whitted Bowers Farm  Cedar Grove • North Carolina
Biodynamic farming... even the ladybug has an honored role on the farm.

Biodynamic Farming

...even the ladybug has an honored role on the farm
Mendocino Wine Company • Ukiah CA

Demeter Advisory Board

Jennie Clifford

Jennie Clifford - Secretary
Term: 2020 - 2024
Jennie Clifford operates her family's certified Biodynamic and organic farm in northeastern Pennsylvania where she’s been making biodynamic preparations and practicing biodynamics since the 1990s. The farm has been in the family since the late 1800s. She has consulted for agriculture-related operations and has worked for Demeter and a number of organic certification agencies as an evaluator and certification reviewer since 2003.

Beth Hoinacki

Beth Hoinacki - President and Diversity Officer
Term: 2020-2024
Beth Hoinacki lives and farms with her family at Goodfoot Farm, a small, diversified market farm in the coastal foothills of Oregon’s Willamette Valley. The farm is also home to chickens, geese, sheep, horses, the occasional couple of pigs, cats and dogs, and a multitude of wildlife. A deep appreciation for the natural environment was likely instilled in her during her early years, growing up in rural southern Illinois where she worked for a neighbor picking and selling flowers for market, worked alongside her parents maintaining county cemeteries no longer in active use, and spent time wandering in the woods and fields and reading books. Over the years and in many places, she has been a horseback riding instructor, a food server, a maid, a whitewater raft guide, a ski technician, and a scientist. Now she farms full time and wholeheartedly. Beth received her BA in Biology with a minor in Religion from Earlham College and her PhD in Botany and Plant Pathology from Oregon State University. She worked as an inspector and reviewer for Demeter from 2008–2016.

Marjory smiling

Marjory House
Term: 2020-2024
Marjory House has been gardening and farming in the Willamette valley of Oregon for over twenty years. She currently owns and operates a seven-acre farm with over 450 apple trees, and over an acre of vegetables grown for restaurants and farmers markety. She has maintained a fruit tree pruning business for fifteen years and a biodynamic consulting business for the last seven years. She can be reached by her email at

Steffen Schneider smiling

Steffen Schneider - Treasurer
Senior Director, Institute for Mindful Agriculture, Director Emeritus of Farm Operations

Term: 2020-2023
Steffen finished his agricultural university studies in Giessen, Germany, in 1982. He has been a biodynamic practitioner since 1983, first in Wisconsin, and since 1989 at Hawthorne Valley Farm. He loves working with the livestock, especially the dairy cows and his passion for biodynamics continues to grow. He is convinced that a spiritually grounded agriculture is a major lever for societal transformation. He has given workshops and lectured at numerous national and international conferences. Through the Institute for Mindful Agriculture, he is currently engaged in food justice projects in the Hudson Valley of New York and supports food systems change in collaboration with several agricultural ventures, locally and nationally. Before joining the Demeter Board, and now the Alliance Board, Steffen served on the Board of the Biodynamic Association of North America for 10 years. He lives with his partner Rachel in Columbia County, New York, and is grateful to be able to spend more time with his two sons and three granddaughters.

Zachary Wolf

Zach Wolf - Vice President
Term: 2019-2025
Zach Wolf oversees the farming operations at Caney Fork Farms (CFF) in Carthage, Tennessee. CFF hosts an annual conference (The Climate Underground) and an extensive research program, all while raising cattle, sheep, pigs, chestnuts, vegetables, grain, and hay across 800 certified organic and transitional organic acres. Zach began farming as a teenager at Whippoorwill Farm in New England. After a degree in Biology from Columbia University and research engagements at Aton Forest Ecological Research Station and The Earth Institute, he went on to manage the Field Operations and Direct the Growing Farmers Initiative at Stone Barns Center. He has facilitated the Farm Beginnings Program at Hawthorne Valley Farm, served as the Director of Farm Operations at Glynwood, and most recently as a Research Fellow at The Nature Institute. He currently serves as a board member and on the standards committee of Demeter, USA. You can usually find him out and about the farm, playing in the soil with his border collie, Joni.