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Mendocino Wine Company, Ukiah CA

Biodynamic Farm

Mendocino Wine Company, Ukiah CA
Harmony Farm  • Tipp City, OH
Avena Botanicals • Rockport, ME
Avena Botanicals • Rockport, ME
Avena Botanicals • Rockport, ME
Love Apple Farm • Santa Cruz, CA

Love Farms

In-conversion description

A farm may be considered "in conversion" under the following circumstances:

  1. The farm has submitted an application
  2. A Demeter inspector has been to the property and judged it able to obtain certification within a three year period and an inspection report has been issued qualifying the farm for "in conversion" status
  3. There is a projected date of certification (month/year)
  4. If the farm in already NOP certified, the Demeter certification should take place one year from the date of the qualifying inspection, with an allowance of 3 months in addition to the year.
  5. If the farm is not already NOP certified, then Demeter retains the right to conduct yearly inspections up to the three-year date of certification in order to ascertain that the Farm Standard is being upheld.  The final inspection must take place within 3 years and 3 months of the qualifying inspection.

Once a farm has passed its qualifying inspection it is considered a Member of Demeter.  The farm may refer to itself as "in conversion" in its marketing materials, website, and other ways that are not product labeling or at the point of sale to the consumer. 

In order for fresh produce to be referred to as "in conversion" in product labeling or point of purchase presentation, it must be shown to meet the NOP standard and harvested after the "in conversion" status has been granted.  If the produce meets the "in conversion" requirements, the "in conversion" logo may be used on the produce's package and POS.

Processed products created from "in conversion" produce may never refer to itself as an "in conversion" product and no reference to Demeter or Biodynamic may be made on the product packaging or POS.