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“Healing people and the planet through agriculture”

Flower Essence Society
Flower Essence Society
Maharishi University of Management
Maharishi University • Fairfield Iowa
Maharishi University of Management
Maharishi University • Fairfield Iowa
Maharishi University of Management
Maharishi University • Fairfield Iowa
Maharishi University of Management
Maharishi University • Fairfield Iowa
Maharishi University of Management
Maharishi University • Fairfield Iowa

Coursework and Curriculum

Biodynamic Association - Farmer Training Programs

Since 2009, over 100 aspiring biodynamic farmers have participated in our North American Biodynamic Apprenticeship Program (NABDAP), learning side-by-side with exemplary biodynamic mentor farmers across the continent. We have celebrated the graduation of 37 new biodynamic farmers, and 12 more are on track to graduate this year. Just as each farm individuality needs to grow and evolve over time, so does our work to train the next generation of farmers.

Building on the strengths and accomplishments of NABDAP, the Biodynamic Associaion is delighted to introduce two new intensive one-year programs that will provide more flexibility, as well as a solid and broad foundation in all of the essentials of biodynamic farming for everyone who participates: the Biodynamic Farmer Foundation Year and the Biodynamic Farmer Development Year. Individuals will have the option to participate in just the first year, or both.


Find out more about these programs and how to apply.


Maharishi University of Management

1000 North Fourth St.
Fairfield, Iowa 52557
Phone: (800) 369-6480
Website: Course information

Here's an upcoming opportunity to get hands on and exposed to Biodynamic agriculture experts through a course intensive! Taught by international biodynamic agriculture expert Dr. A. Thimmaiah, PhD, you will learn efficient methods for carbon sequestration, address climate change, gain farming skills, and explore the tenets of Biodynamic agriculture practices through holistic and special aged preparations, the lunar cycles and what it means to manage a farm as a whole organism. Whether you are a student, farmer, amateur gardener, activist, organic food organization, or agriculturally-based organization; this course is an amazing opportunity to further your education and experience. Lectures with Dr. Appachanda Thimmaiah, PhD, Mr. Jim Fullmer, Dr. Tom Newmark, Robert Karp, Peter Proctor, Mr. Ivo Bertaina, Italy, Steffano Belloti, Abraham Jacob, & Ms. Rachel Pomeroy.

Regenerating Agriculture and Regenerating Society

In this certificate program, you will develop the knowledge and experience to bring about this revolution in agriculture and start farming organically yourself. Applying this simple approach to agriculture widely will transform our agricultural system and society as a whole.

There is a 10-month Regenerative Organic Agriculture Certificate Program offered in regenerative agriculture program in the US. We take learning beyond the classroom and provide our students with the hands-on farming experience they need to use their skills confidently in the field.

Biodynamic Agricultural College

East Sussex UK

On-line Education and Training course in Biodynamic Agriculture
Year Round
Description: In recent years the Biodynamic Agriculture College (BDAC) has received requests for a course of study from people who are unable to attend a campus-based program. The team at BDAC, supported by the Biodynamic Agricultural Association, decided that the time was right to respond to these requests and develop a distance-learning program in biodynamic principles and practice.  This year round coursework is delivered through a blend of online study, self-directed study and research, and practical experience on a farm or garden.

Biodynamic Association

1661 N Water Street Suite 307
Milwaukee WI 53202
Phone: (262) 649-9212

The Biodynamic Association's interactive webinars allow farmers, gardeners, apprentices and others to learn from leading biodynamic educators in a distance-learning format. Watch Introduction to Biodynamics Webinar, recorded live on Tuesday, March 3, 2015.

Upcoming topics include:

  • Biodynamic Animal Husbandry with Steffen Schneider
  • Growing and Saving Biodynamic Seed with Harald Hoven
  • Learning the Language of Biodynamics with Cynthia Hoven
Classroom Study Courses:

NABDAP's two years of on-farm training are complemented by classroom study courses that cover the fundamental principles and philosophy of biodynamic farming. NABDAP classroom study courses are offered in several regions, and are taught by experts in the theory and practice of biodynamic agriculture. 

Rudolf Steiner College

9200 Fair Oaks Blvd.
Fair Oaks, CA 95628
Phone: (916) 961-8727

Located on a beautiful thirteen- acre campus just east of Sacramento, the College offers students a wide range of educational opportunities, including a comprehensive selection of Biodynamic workshops and events, evening study groups, and a Biodynamic Farm Apprenticeship Program. Students enrolled at the College can participate in a variety of biodynamic educational activities, including classes and work in Raphael Garden, the college’s 3-acre Demeter certified Biodynamic farm.
Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Education 2012–2013 Workshop Calendar

Michael Fields Agricultural Institute

PO Box 990
East Troy, WI 53120
Phone: (262) 642-3303

The Institute is a public non-profit with the mission to cultivate the ecological, social, economic, and spiritual vitality of food and farming systems through education, research, policy, and market development. Their organic and biodynamic farm training and education includes work in the classroom and in their garden. Beginning farmers through advanced growers develop the skills and competencies to take their agricultural careers to the next level. The Institute also offers internship opportunities.


Principles of Biodynamic Farm

Date: March 18 - March 19, 2016
Time: 3:00 PM (CDT)
Location: Michael Fields Agricultural Institute
Cost: $99

The Pfeiffer Center

260 Hungry Hollow Road
Chestnut Ridge, NY  10977
Phone: (845) 352-5020

The mission of the Pfeiffer Center is to practice, teach and spread awareness of the biodynamic method of agriculture and land care. The Center offers educational programs, workshops and events, internships, and a one-year training course "Practical Training in Biodynamics"

Hawthorne Valley Farm

327 County Route 21C
Ghent, New York 12075
Phone: (518) 672-7500

This beautiful Biodynamic farm offers day-long classes, two-week intensives, a Whole Farm Planning Course, summer camps, and farm tours, as well as year-long farm apprenticeships.

The Josephine Porter Institute

652 Thompson Road SE
Floyd VA 24091
Phone: (540) 745-7030 (Mon-Fri 8:30AM-5:00PM)
Fax: (540) 745-7033

The mission of JPI is to heal the earth through production of quality biodynamic preparations, and to advance education and research in biodynamic methods. They support farmers and gardeners’ education by offering daylong and weeklong workshops on the biodynamic preparations.

Spikenard Farm Honeybee Sanctuary

445 Floyd Highway North
Floyd, VA 24091
Phone: (540) 745-2153

Situated in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Sanctuary aims to restore the health and vitality of the honeybee worldwide. Since founding Spikenard Farm in 2006, Gunther Hauk and his wife Vivian have been actively spreading their vision of sustainable biodynamic beekeeping by providing on-site workshops, lectures, consulting and publications.

Steiner College

“The natural gifts, naturally inherited knowledge, traditional medicines, and so on that have been passed down from ancient times are all losing their value. We need to acquire new knowledge in order to be able to enter into all the interrelationships of these things. . . Today, no less than in ancient times, we are in need of knowledge that can really enter into the inner workings of nature.”
— Rudolf Steiner, Agriculture (1924)