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“Healing the planet through agriculture”

Hawthorne Valley Farm • Ghent, New York

Biodynamic Farming

...started in Europe in the late 1920's following Rudolf Steiner's Agriculture Course
Hawthorne Valley Farm • Ghent, New York
Biodynamic farming requires a Goethean observation of nature and its application to a farming system

Biodynamic Farming

...requires a Goethean observation of nature and its application to a farming system
Gaia Bees • California
Johan Vineyards • Rickreall, OR

Biodynamic Farming

...views nature as an interconnected whole, a totality, endowed with archetypal rhythm
Johan Vineyards • Rickreall, OR
Biodynamic farming requires the entire farm, versus a pre-defined area within a farm, be certified.

Biodynamic Farming

...requires the entire farm, versus a pre-defined area within a farm, be certified.
Whitted Bowers Farm  Cedar Grove • North Carolina
Biodynamic farming... even the ladybug has an honored role on the farm.

Biodynamic Farming

...even the ladybug has an honored role on the farm
Mendocino Wine Company • Ukiah CA

Executive Staff

Erin Sojourner Agostinelli, Member Services CoordinatorErin Sojourner Agostinelli, Director of Business Development
Erin's childhood memories of being raised on her grandparent's self-sustaining and "philosophically organic" farm infused her with a deep passion for the abundance of Nature and the study of horticulture. 

In her mid 20's, she went from classroom to hands-on by building her first greenhouse and growing a diverse array of food, flowers, and herbs on her 10-acre heirloom seed focused nursery farm located in the temperate rainforest region of the Appalachian Mountains. 

Needing an educated market in this rural community, she spearheaded her town's first thriving farmer's market and developed farm-to-table accounts at local restaurants and schools.

After five successful years of farming, educating elementary students, and grant writing for farm and community endeavors- Erin took her work to a national level, collaborating with leading organic food companies, nonprofits, educational systems, thought leaders, chefs, and authors on nutrition, farming, food systems, and much more. 

The culmination of her work led her to partner with Demeter USA in 2013 with the aligned mission of educating farmers, consumers, and retailers. 

Demeter's vision - to "Heal the Planet through Agriculture" - is accomplished by advancing one of the original methods of regenerative agriculture: The International standard of Biodynamic farming. 

As Director of Business Development for Demeter USA, Erin connects brands and people to the farm and farmer and advocates for the health of our planet and people through the food we eat.

Tarry Bolger, Certification Director
Tarry was born in S. Africa and grew up in N. Ireland and England. He started working on Biodynamic farms at the age of 18 and completed a diploma in organic and Biodynamic farm management and a Bachelor of Science with honors in organic agricutlure in his twenties. He has worked on various Biodynamic and organic farms in Europe, S. America, S.Africa and the US, notably HRH The Prince of Wales' Duchy Home Farm in Tetbury, England.

Tarry is the former Managing Director of Demeter UK and Chairman of the United Kingdom Organic Certifiers Group. He is an advisor on Demeter Internationals Accreditation Council and has had the distinct pleasure of working with many Demeter organizations around the world to ensure compliance to the Demeter International standards. He is deeply interested in quality assurance processes that serve and support the continuous and sustainable development of farms and food businesses.

Elizabeth Candelario,  Marketing Director

Elizabeth Candelario, President
Elizabeth joined Demeter in January 2008 as a seasoned marketing professional, with 25 years experience in marketing, business development, and non-profit management.  She also serves as Board President for Demeter’s accredited organic certifier Stellar Certification Services.  Elizabeth first became interested in Biodynamic farming while Marketing Director at Quivira Vineyards, when the wine estate transitioned from conventional to Biodynamic farming. She was so inspired by that experience she joined Demeter to help them expand awareness about Biodynamic agriculture and its positive effects on the food we eat and the environment we live in.  Elizabeth’s prior work includes Director of Consumer Sales and Marketing at Chateau Montelena and V.P. Sales and Marketing for Pezzi King Vineyards.  She also owned and operated Studio Airstream, a marketing and non-profit consulting firm specializing in strategic philanthropy.