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Member Communications

2019 - Announcements

August 30, 2019


A few weeks ago we sent out an announcement with information regarding the Demeter Board of Director (BOD) governance updates.  Today we want to share more information with you regarding that process. 

Anyone can be nominated. Please send your nominations to

These Trade Committees are made up of stakeholders that stepped forward and have agreed to act as nominating committees for the Demeter BOD representing the various certification scopes within the U.S.: Farms, Dairies, Vintners, Commercial Packaged Goods. More information will be published on the Demeter website

Once names are compiled, the trade committees will select 3 names to go on the ballot for each open seat. A ballot will be sent to all certified operations at the end of September to vote for one name for each open seat. This gives you about a month to send in your nominations. Only certified operations can vote. Each operation will have one vote per open seat. 

The current By-Laws of the Demeter Association do not have provisions for a direct vote of the members for electing the BOD. Rather than changing the By-Laws in haste, the BOD has decided to ratify the vote of the members to facilitate the installation of new BOD members. The vote to ratify will occur at the BOD meeting following the member vote. If there is a tie, the current BOD has the final selection.  

11 seats total 5 commodities, 3 appointed, 3 at large.


  1. Viticulture: Rudy Marchesi 2019-2022
  2.  Brands: Processor/Handler scope: Greg Fleishman 2017-2020
  3. Farmer:  OPEN
  4. Prep Maker: OPEN
  5. Dairy/Livestock: OPEN

Professional Appointments:

  1. Legal counsel/ Trademark Protection: Paul Reidl 2017-2020
  2. Accounting: Victoria 2019-2022 (also has farmer/ brands insight for commodity)
  3. Certification Expert: OPEN (not on the ballot as this is an appointed seat)

At Large

  1. Dr. Thimmaiah Nominated in 2014.  Re-elected 2017.  Current term end 2020
  2. Zach Wolf 2019-2022
  3. OPEN

If you have any questions please contact Felicity Baxter 541-929-7148 ext. 208

Thank you, 

Demeter Board of Directors
Rudy Marchesi, Paul Reidl, Dr. Thimmaiah, Greg Fleishman, Victoria Byrnes, Zach Wolf


2019 - Communication

2019 - Documentation

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