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June 3, 2019 Announcement

Demeter Association would like to share warm gratitude to Tarry Bolger for his incredible contribution to the organization over the last several months. Due to the drawn-out Visa process and other complexities involved in relocating his family overseas, they have carefully reconsidered the decision to move to the U.S. and chosen not to do so at this time. Tarry will remain engaged and heading the certification team until the Board has brought on a qualified replacement. Demeter has undergone significant changes recently and we are grateful for Tarry's critical skillset and knowledge that he brought into Demeter US.  The ISO 17065 internal audit corrective actions that were implemented to bring the certification quality manual up to certification standards have provided a relevant framework for our amazing certification team to work within.  Technology updates to our customer data management protocols bring our efficiencies to the next level of competent customer service and robust reporting capabilities. Assembling the Standards Advisory Committee provides a support system to the Demeter certification staff to lean on when the Standards require interpretation or clarity. This allows a fair, impartial review and discussion to clarify and/ or update the Demeter U.S. Standards when applicable.  In such a short time we've had the opportunity to vastly improve upon the infrastructure of our certification program thanks to Tarry's insightful and knowledgeable background.

We have begun the search for the next Director of Certification. If you know of anyone who may be interested and qualified please have them send a resume to Felicity Baxter at Demeter USA via email: View job posting on LinkedIn.