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Common Good Farm

Raymond • NE

Biodynamic® Product Spotlight

Demeter Biodynamic CSAs

With the rise in interest in ecological farming, farmers markets, and buying local, it’s no surprise that CSA membership has been growing by leaps and bounds across the country.  The CSA model brings together the farmer and the eater, within their community, for the mutual benefit of both.  The farm’s members share the cost of running the farm by purchasing “shares” of the farmer’s harvests, and the farmer benefits from an economic return based not on crop size or marketing savvy, but instead from the support of their members.  The members receive fresh seasonal food, often delivered to their door, get exposed to new kinds of foods and new ways of cooking, and develop a relationship with their farmer that brings deeper meaning and value to the food they eat.  It’s a real win-win!

If you can find a Demeter certified Biodynamic CSA in your area we sure hope you will consider joining.  Healthy farms produce healthy products for you and your family, and also contribute to a healthy planet.


Common Good Farm 
Raymond, NE 68428
Contacts: Evrett Lunquist and Ruth Chantry
Phone: 402.783.9005

Located just outside Raymond, Common Good Farm is entering its 18th season of growing Biodynamic food for the residents of Lancaster County.  The farm grows over 45 different kinds of produce, annual and perennial herbs, vegetables and herb plants, and also raises pastured pork and laying hens and grass-fed beef. 

The CSA offers seasonal 12-week and 15- week summer shares and a separate fall harvest share, and their members may choose just one season or both. 


Cosmic Apple Gardens
Victor, Idaho
Contact: Dale Sharkey
Phone: 208.787.2082

Located in Victor Idaho at 6,300 feet in the heart of the Teton Valley, CAG is a 30-acre farm with over 10 acres of organic garden vegetables and grazing farm animals. The farm has been growing food for people in Teton County, including folks in Jackson Wyoming, since 1996.  The CSA has 200 members, and supplies vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

The CSA offers sixteen weekly deliveries of vegetables, herbs, and flowers.  Add on’s include cheese, bread, beef and pork.  CSA members also receive 20% off at the Teton Valley Market in Driggs and the People’s Market and Jackson Farmers’ Market in Jackson . 


Goodfoot Farm 
Philomath, OR 97370
Contact: Beth Hoinacki
Phone: 541.929.7367

Goodfoot Farm is located on the banks of the Luckiamute River in the Hoskins area of Kings Valley, about twenty miles northwest of Corvallis.  Taking a systems approach to land management, food production is balanced with the responsibility for local forest, field, and river life, and with the health of the planet.  Crop offerings include a diversity of fruits and vegetables and are available ten months of the year.

The FarmFriends CSA takes the form of a farm credit program, where folks can pay up front and get discounted credit for the produce they want, when they want it.  Members choose to pick up their goods at either the Corvallis farmers market or at the farm. 


Hawthorne Valley
Ghent, NY
Contacts:  Lucy Marston and Jill Jakimetz
Phone: 518-672-7500

Hawthorne Valley Farm has a 300 member CSA that supplies produce to Columbia County and New York City communities.  Over 150 varieties of vegetables are grown on 11 acres of their 400-acre farm. Fruit shares are also available. The farm is also home to a creamery, on-farm learning programs, bakery, sauerkraut cellar, and more.

The CSA includes weekly delivery of produce for approximately 21 weeks of the year.


Kimberton CSA 
Kimberton, PA
Contact: Birgit & Eric Landowne
Phone: 610.933.8339

A ten-acre mixed vegetable garden now in its 28th year, the CSA leases it land from the Kimberton Waldorf School.  Most notably this land has been in agricultural production since William Penn’s time, and was converted to Biodynamic agriculture in the 1930’s when Ehrenfried Pfeiffer came over from Germany to help implement the agricultural teachings of Rudolf Steiner.

The CSA offers up to 200 shares to the local community, including outlying cities such as Reading and Philadelphia.


Live Power Community Farm 
Covelo CA
Contact: Gloria and Stephen Decater
Phone: 707.983.8196

Gloria and Stephen Decater of Live Power Community Farm are our featured farmers this month.  Learn more about them, their wonderful history with the CSA movement, and of course their beautiful farm by visiting our “Profiles in Farming” section.


Remembrance Farm
Trumansburg, NY
Contact: Emily Thompson
Phone: 607.342.5890

Remembrance Farm is a 100-acre vegetable farm located in the heart of the beautiful Finger Lakes region.  Specializing in growing salad greens and root vegetables, the farm sells to restaurants and stores in addition to their CSA customers.

Since 2005, Remembrance Farm and Stick and Stone Farm have partnered as the Full Plate Farm Collective, a CSA serving over 500 households in the Ithaca area.  The CSA offers 400 summer and 300 winter shares to households in Ithaca, Trumansburg, and Danby.


Ruby and Amber’s Organic Oasis
Dorena, OR
Contact: Kris Woolhouse
Phone: 541-946-1504

Ruby and Amber’s is a small and very diverse market farm with about 2 acres of vegetables and a small amount of pork, beef, milk, and eggs.  Most of its tillage is with draft horses, and the farm also offers workshops and personal instruction on farming and logging with drafthorses, amongst other topics.

The CSA includes a wide variety of open pollinated and heirloom vegetable.  Each share includes a dozen organic eggs.  During peak tomato season ample amounts of heirloom tomatoes for CSA members’ food preservation needs are provided.

Common Good Farm

“CSA is not about another way of marketing, it is about sustaining our farms through the power of relationship and community and transforming our economic life so that it brings compassion, support, and neighborhood into our lives.” 
Live Power Farm


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