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“Healing people and the planet through agriculture”

Biodynamic® Product Spotlight

Éminence Organic Skin Care

Éminence Organic Skin Care releases two Demeter certified Biodynamic® products!

This is a remarkable achievement, because Demeter certified beauty care products must be created with significant and verifiable Biodynamic ingredients and be produced to a very high standard. The intention for all Biodynamic products is to allow the integrity of the ingredients to define the product, creating an unbroken link between the healing energy fostered in the farming method and the efficacy of the finished product .  Consumers can be assured that when they see “Biodynamic”, and the Demeter quality seal, on a product's packaging it means that the product inside has met these strict guidelines.  Biodynamic skin care products, including Éminence Cornflower Recovery Serum and Herbal Recovery Oil, represent the next evolution of organic skin care.  

We are very pleased and excited that Éminence has made this commitment to bring the highest quality beauty care products to market.

These products are available at select spas, salons, and resorts across North America.

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Seasons of the Soul Herbal Flower Oils

Lovingly prepared by hand at Demeter-certified Terra Flora garden in Nevada City, California.  These marvelous oils are a vibrant fusion of flower essences, medical-grade essential oils and herbal flowers.  Perfect for use as bathtub soaks, relaxing massages, and strengthening topical applications.  Herbal Flower Oils include: Arnica Allay, Benediction, Calendula Caress, Dandelion Dynamo, Mugwort Moon Magic, and Saint John's Shield.  Available for purchase from Flower Essence Services.

Seasons of the Soul

Éminence Skin Care

“When it comes to purity at the cosmetics counter, organic is taking a back seat to a green standard so pure it’s practically virginal.  Biodynamic, a system of natural farming conceived in the Twenties, is quickly gaining a following as many brands up the ante in the battle for the eco-conscious consumer’s carbon footprint-free cash.” 
  WWD Beauty Biz, “How Does Your Garden Grow”, Megan McIntyre March 2008


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