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“Healing people and the planet through agriculture”

Biodynamic® Product Spotlight

Biodynamic® Malibu Compost

Malibu Compost celebrates Earth Day every day, bringing Biodynamic love to home gardeners and farms through their Biodynamic compost, compost tea, and potting soil products. With their partners- cows from regional family farms including some who have been rescued from slaughter- Malibu Compost not only transforms their high quality organic manure to fully finished compost, they also provide farmers with a much-appreciated additional source of revenue.

Founders Randy Ritchie and Colum Riley hold the family farms with whom they work in the highest regard, and emphasize that these farmer heroes strive to nurture their animals and land amidst an environment of increasingly massive factory farms. They have enormous passion for their customers too- who share in their quest to protect our environment through the use of these incredible Biodynamic products. With the motto “sustaining people, sustaining planet, sustaining commerce” Malibu Compost strives to be ecologically and socially responsible in everything they do because they realize that healing our world starts with the soil.

All of Malibu Compost products are hand-crafted, contain ingredients of the highest quality and integrity, and are created according to traditional Biodynamic practices. Because a dairy cow has an unequaled digestive process their manure has powerful fertilizing and healing forces that other animal manures simply don’t have. Following the requirements of the Demeter standard the cows have access to the outdoors, never receive genetically-modified feed, and at least one-third of their diet comes from the farm. Malibu Compost products provide an alternative to chemical, synthetic, and "faux" organic soil amendments, repair soil’s ecosystem through the proliferation of beneficial soil microbes, promote healthy root growth, improve plants’ immune systems reducing the need for pest controls, and are safe and non-toxic for kids, pets, our planet, and all living things. You can find Malibu Compost products on Amazon, neighborhood lawn and garden centers, and organic grow shops.

As our friends at Malibu Compost like to say "heal your soil and heal your soul!"